Men’s wellness

Dr Wander also offers well-man screenings. This comprehensive examination is designed to detect health problems at the earliest stage. It also gives you the chance to discuss any health concerns.

Well-man screenings take about thirty minutes to complete, and involve:

  • a thorough medical history, including lifestyle, diet, exercise, alcohol and smoking
  • a medical examination, including weight, height, blood pressure  and urine check
  • full range of blood tests – red blood cells, white blood cells, liver health, kidney function, bone health, gout, diabetes, iron status, cholesterol and inflammation
  • a prostate test

Further tests – such as an electrocardiogram (ECG) to check the heart, or  lung function tests – are recommended, as necessary.

Dr Wander will follow up your well-man screening with a phone consultation to discuss the results and make recommendations.

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